November RoundUp

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1. Wool Coat in Burgundy - ZARA  2. Durand Eyeglasses - WARBY PARKER  3. Carry Well Then Bag - MODCLOTH  4. Lightweight Block Pleated Rib Sock - URBAN OUTFITTERS  5. Sissinghurst Castle Mug - ANTHROPOLOGIE  6. The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar - LUSH  7. Deserve to Unwind Scarf - MODCLOTH  8. Velvet Plumetis Dress - ZARA9. Hammered Copper Teakettle - WORLD MARKET  10. Everglade Embroidered Cushion - ANTHROPOLOGIE   

In my perfect November scenario, I am wearing the aforementioned (or afore-pictured, rather) velvet black dress, tortoise shell eyeglasses, and burgundy coat. I am accompanied by oversized bag throughout a night of super-swanky-turkey-eating until I am so satiated that I am forced to return home, be consumed by comfortable rib socks, infinity scarves, tea, and an assortment of pillows. After that, I'll take a bath using afore-pictured cinnamon-y bubble bar and fall asleep soon after. The next day I will win a million dollars in the lottery and hug a panda bear. Thee end.

What will your November be like?


Insta Accounts You Should Be Following

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Image from Instagram user @laviedethree.

Image from Instagram user @laviedethree.

Hey there! I'm back after a few weeks of being MIA. I suck, I know. BUT - I was doing really important things like getting a new job and adulting so...yeah. I'm back today with a post that I am really excited about.

If you've spent any time with me, then you've probably seen me on my phone a time or two scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm an Instagram-aholic. I can still remember first making an account early in college, when I was still confused about what I wanted to do and be. It was a place of pure inspiration, and still tends to be the place I turn to when I need a five minute break from life, and a little jolt of creativity. However, after a while, Instagram had seemed to become something else. I found myself stressed about how many followers I had, and how many likes I was getting, and how it seemed that my feed wasn't cohesive enough. The last few weeks I've started to put that sort of thinking on hold. I want to get back to the reasons I first fell in love with Instagram - making it once again a place to connect and inspire and share a little bit of my world, even if it feels like no one is looking or listening. 

Part of what i've been doing lately is revisiting accounts that i've found tried and true inspiration from since the beginning. I wanted to share these with you in hopes that you will follow and find some inspiration too! Here you wont find the trendiest accounts - these are people that I feel are never trying to sell me something or present a false pretense, but are instead sharing little bits of their world in a sincere way. 

@_jujujust_ Judit Just is a weaving and embroidery artist whose color-coded feed is always immaculate. She shows a combination of her finished pieces with imaginative combinations of everyday objects and her supplies. I am dying to own one of her pieces, even if it's just a necklace (cough, cough Santa). For now, though, I will settle for scrolling through her account.

@thiswildidea This account is for anyone who loves dogs or adventure or funny things. The man behind it is Theron Humphrey, but honestly I'm mostly just in love with his dog Maddie the coonhound. This account makes me wish for a dog, and makes me want to travel more, all while making me laugh. Long live the adventures of Maddie and Theron.

@_wildhumm This account is run by Boston artist Bianca Bello. I love her color palettes and the way that she inserts little bits herself into the account as well. I love seeing the way she styles her own work within her space. 

@sugarandcloth Ashley Rose is for real my biggest girl crush. She is so, so cute and makes the best DIYs. Her blog, Sugar and Cloth is a daily read for me, and I love that her Instagram is an extra look into Behind the Scenes of her projects and life. If I could pay one person to come decorate my home/wardrobe it would be her!

@alilabelle Last but not least is graphic designer Ali Labelle. She is the lead designer for, and her account is a little darker and different, and also make me want to get on a plane to LA right away. Just an FYI,'s account and all of the girls are worth looking into as well!


Well that's it folks. These are the cream of the crop for me! Have you already followed any of these accounts? Any favorite Instagrammers that I should know about? If you aren't following me @bethduboe and Hannah @hannahbessross, then YOU SHOULD BE!

Smell ya later,

Long Term Challenges

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I find that the difficulty in committing to a longer-termed project is extremely prevalent in the way my generation operates. Maybe it's because we're constantly moving on from thing to thing -- or have less patience thanks to high speed internet and ad-less Netflix... Whatever the reason, I am no exception. 

A popular trend on social media are specific challenges that last for a certain number of days. Some go for a week, some a whole year. It's a test of will power and dedication. In the art world, one of these challenges is known as "Inktober" and I've never worked so consistently on anything in my life...

Inktober takes place in October and challenges the artist to draw something everyday for 31 days in pen and post it to social media. Running co-dependently from Inktober is "Drawlloween" which works similarly but offers prompts for each of the days. Simply put: I drew something every day in October by hand with little to no digital interference. 

Throughout the month I went through various states of mind. At times, I found myself really excited by what I produced that day. The idea came to me easily and didn't take much time. These were my favorite days.

A few selected favorites

A few selected favorites

Other days weren't so easy peesey. I think sometimes I found myself putting a lot of pressure on coming up with something clever or innovative. If something wasn't in the realm of everything else I was drawing, I would get frustrated. Some of the drawings are not great. They're rushed or messy or not very thought out. But I forced myself to finish and post them anyways.

Challenges like this one are a good test in letting go of control a bit. This can be especially tough for creative types who want to control every aspect of the thing they're working on. Ultimately this struggle was immensely positive for my art-making process -- like, more than I could have ever thought. The pressure always subsided once a drawing was finished and I always felt a sense of accomplishment once it was up for the world to see -- even when it wasn't perfect. 

Some of my lesser favorites of the bunch...

Some of my lesser favorites of the bunch...

All in all, I think challenges like this one are good once in a while. November is "National Novel Writing Month". Maybe I'll try that now... haaaha.

*If you'd like to see a compilation of all my "inktobers", click here!


October RoundUp

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1. Insect Print Blouse, SheInside 2. Birch Floral PlannerRifle Paper Co 3. Faux Suede Overshirt, Zara 4. Tiny Dancer Feather Cami, Revolve 5. Faux Leather Lace-up Flats, Forever 21 6. Temp Tan Boot, Windsor Smith 7. 1960's Rhinestone Bee Pin, Etsy 8. Benefit Roller Lash Curling Mascara, Sephora  9. Mouchette Les Chat Zombie Tee, Urban Outfitters (On Sale!) 10. Lord of Misrule Shower Cream + Bath Bomb, Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar, LUSH

I am back today with a monthly RoundUp! This is a pretty good look at what's sitting in multiple online shopping carts, just waiting to be purchased. This fall i'm feeling all things buggy - no seriously, I am in love with this Insect print blouse and every insect pin that I see. I'm also trying to get into the Halloween mood, but without any good parties to go to, this Le Chat Zombie is probably the closet thing I will get to a costume this year. Please don't kill me for saying this but, fall is my absolute favorite season. It's so beautiful here in Ohio, and it's cool enough to drink hot coffee again (Chai Latte > PSL any damn day), and its officially BATH season again! I'm already almost through my whole collection of bath bombs/bubble bars, so I guess it's time for a trip to LUSH soon (a little birdie told me that their Christmas stuff is already out !!!). 

What's in your shopping cart this month? Have you tried this benefit mascara? I think i'm going to buy it! If anyone happens to buy/have that beautiful feather cami, let me borrow it, okay?


Hype For Halloween


"I think Halloween is the best! I'll not regret spending money on a wig!" said a young, naive me a week ago. I'm older now, an entire week older and I've come to recognize that this pattern is typical.. It's typical, pre-holiday hype. The closer I get to Halloween, the more I start to resent it. As it seems, it's always better in foresight. 

The approaching, October 31st holiday coaxes and tempts us all. Excitement for Halloween sometimes coexists with an appreciation for autumn, which I also hype admirably. Some people correlate the holiday to feelings of nostalgia - of sugary things and getting to stay up later. Autumn means pumpkin flavors, sweaters, and just general feelings of comfort. 

This year I've been trying to think about what I want out of Halloween. I'm too old (some say) to trick-or-treat -- arguably the activity that all pent up hype for Halloween culminates in. I don't want to go to a party and watch a drunk Raggedy Andy make out with Khaleesi. I don't really love scary movies, at least not enough to watch every Saw film ever made. But I do love dressing up -- gathering pieces of a costume like constructing a puzzle... Despite that, I don't think it'd do me much good to dress up and sit home. That'd be a low point for sure.

So why do I love Halloween so much? Am I refusing adulthood? Is it just a commercial practice ingrained in me from age 6 when I dressed as an elephant? 

Maybe all I want is for people to be as excited for Halloween as I am, or at least pretend to be... or at least at least be excited from October 1st thru the 30th. I'm okay with that. 

What do you adult people do for Halloween? Do I have to give up on the hype? If you say yes, look back at 6-year old me and say it to my face. Heh.



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